AMU WEAVERS, is a well known and established, family owned business that has been producing hand-knotted rugs and Kilims for the past three generations. The rugs produced are influenced by old Afghan Balouch, Bokhara, Samarqand, Old Uzbek, Suzani, Sultanabad, Zieglers, Khotans, Indian Agras, Moguls and many Ottoman textiles.

Our Story

Amu Weavers family owns its own workshops/looms in Northern Afghanistan. They control every aspect of production from design, weaving to the marketing of the merchandise.

ZIEGLER ROYAL rugs are exclusively made by AMU Weavers. Ziegler Royals are woven by highly skilled Turkoman and Uzbek Weavers in the North of Afghanistan. They use only the best chobi hand-spun wool and the dyes used are made from vegetable and earth pigments in the company’s own dye works. The finished pieces are cleaned and checked in the AMU washing and finishing plant.

AMU Weavers, like Mr. Ziegler 133 years ago, recognize the importance of quality control and there is as much pride in the company, its products and its reputation as in the good old days of Mr. Ziegler and his enterprise. ZIEGLER ROYAL rugs really live up to their name. They will be heirlooms in the future.

The old manufacturing traditions have been perfected to produce unique and exquisite hand woven rugs in colours that are perfect for modern day interiors with a classical edge. AMU rugs adapt to the spirit of the time, place and lifestyle. They enhance all room setting and period. We also offer a bespoke commissioning service for customers to order exclusive pieces in any size, using their own design and colour choices or existing AMU designs in deferent tones.

For those who appreciate inherent value, our ‘rugs’ individuality, aesthetics and quality mark the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary. It is this ethos which distinguishes our rugs from all others. AMU Weavers sets the standards others rug makers aspire to.

This is much more than a commercial enterprise, the company provides stability and employment in areas where war and poverty have ruined so many families. The areas of Maimana, Andkhoy, Aqchae, Kunduz, Jawozjan and Mazar-e-Sharif all benefit. Apart from the weavers working on more than 500 looms in homes and workshops, sheep rearers, shearers, spinners, dyers, designers, drivers, warehouse men and office workers- women and men are assured of steady employment, regular incomes and a decent quality of life.

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